Kamara, Fournette, Kareem, Ajayi Half PPR

Pick two! Worried about Kamara coming back from injury, the unknowing factor of Fournette for tomorrow.

Why are you worried about Kamara? He is fine.

Kamara and Hunt. Fournette might be out this weekend.

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I barely squeaked by last week when he went out. In the Semis. Thanks

I would go Kamara and hunt and if possible Flex fournette as long as he plays tomorrow. I think Ajayi has a good game but I would play those 3 above, Kamara has had sufficient rest after injury and should be fine. Only downfall with Hunt is he plays tonight, but I’m rolling him out and expecting a solid game out of him since chargers pass D is decent and run d not so much. Try to squeeze fournette in too if you can as long as he plays

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Kamara must play. Just a concussion so he’ll kill it. I’m a TN fan in CFB and watched him come up. Tough dude. I have Fournette and am rolling with him. Believe they were simply being precautionary with him in practice this week. He also is one tough dude. Can’t blame you if you roll with Hunt. You should be completely fine with any of those three. Great combination of backs. My guess is that’s why you’re still playing meaningful matchups.

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No flex in this league unfortunately. I’d probably be undefeated if there was lol. I kind of drafted weak on WR. I have Crabtree, (had D-Jax), Robby Anderson, Juju, and Tyreek Hill.

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Fournette is OUT this week. Find a alternative quick homie

Hopefully you took the advice and played Hunt this week… dude scored 32 for me In standard scoring… got me to a nice 32-0 lead and makes my nick Foles play at QB much more comfortable