Kamara, Gordon or Saquon

Redraft. Give me a reason to take Saquon and the upside that is.

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if youre looking for a reason, there are a LOT. you can start with his body of work, or just his body. you could start with his draft capital and that saying we are going to use him like crazy. he catches, runs, is patient, has a good enough o line… and then there is his SPARK score. the guy is a freak athlete and more importantly, a freak football player. cause there is a difference. i consider amari cooper a freak athlete. i dont think of him as a freak football player. shows in his drops. usain bolt is a freak athlete. i dont think he would do well with football. then there is the mental side, kid is mentally tough. determined. trains like an animal. doesnt get into trouble. the only real question that needs to be asked about him, is why wouldnt you take him? for me, its just that we havent seen it yet. so i would take gordon over him. but not kamara. in fact there are only a few i would take over barkley. gurley, bell, zeke, DJ, AB, and gordon. and thats it. thats only because we dont actually know what his workload will be yet. we know what theirs is. but honestly, i dont care all that much. cause chances are he will out perform 2 of them. maybe more, maybe all. he has everything and i mean EVERYTHING going for him, except for experience in the NFL.

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I have them ranked as follows:


Gordon is by far and away the safest play though so if you’re looking for safety, wouldn’t hate you for taking him.

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Well… jeez. This is very compelling. I have the 1.06. No telling who goes in the first 5 picks. I could see someone letting AB drop. Or DJ. So… I’m seriously considering Barkley at the 1.06 now.

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I’m at 1.05 and am fine with all 3 of these guys and Fournette. Should I switch places with someone around 1.06 or 1.07 to get one of these RBs and then a better WR in round 2 (Snake draft, 12 team ESPN Standard)

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I hope Barkley makes it to the 1.06; after his first preseason game the hype train is full steam ahead and he looks like the bell cow for that offense. Between Barkley and ODB the Giants have a legitimate shot at the post season. #fullonpreseasonhype

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I really like all three. However, I totally agree with MikeMeUp, you know what Gordon and the Chargers as a whole are going to bring. Gordon’s usage and what River’s does means there is hardly any doubt. They will move the ball and thus create scoring opportunities for Gordon. Eli is like a box of chocolates… if that offense sputters, it could be the only thing holding Saquon back. If Eli can’t get defenses to respect him it’s worrisome for Barkley. Kamara, while great also has a teammate that will dig into his carries.

I have Gordon and Barkley available to me in my draft, and perhaps David Johnson. I’m leaning heavily towards Barkley though.

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I’ve never seen Barkley fall below 1.06. He is typically selected ahead of DJ and Bell given age. I mostly see him go within the top 5 nowadays after the top 2 WR and top 2 RB. I’ve seen him go 1.01 as well. He’s definitely getting taken ahead of AB. That was true for 10/10 drafts I’ve done. And now that preseason is here, his hype is even higher.

@SilverSurfer if you’re at 1.05 and actually are okay with Fournette as your first pick, than would recommend you move way back. Fournette shouldn’t even be going in the first round. Move into the 2nd round and snag additional draft capital in the 2nd-4th rounds or future picks.

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When you say “move into” do you mean trade my first round pick for extra rounds 2-4 picks, or just switch draft positions with someone with a later 1st round pick?

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Well it depends what you want. I just assumed you were fine with ending up with Fournette as your first pick. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t even be in the 1st round. Trade your first for their 2nd, 3rd/4th + swap up in later rounds. Can probably get all that from someone who wants a top 5 pick to lock up one of the top players. But if there’s others you want in the first round, maybe WRs for example, then just trade down in the 1st to move up in later rounds or future draft picks or some combination thereof.


Thanks and real quick - Alvin Kamara or Saquon Barkley?

If I’m at 1.05, I’m taking Barkley. But i’d be fine with trading down to get kamara. Both good starting pieces.

If Barkley or Gordon are on the boards, Kamara isn’t in consideration for me. I’d personally take Barkley, but I’d get taking Gordon as a known commodity.

I have an offer to move up to the 1.12. I could use some advice

Current offer:
I get 1.12, 5.10, 8.09

I give 2.07, 3.05, 8.01

This is 12 team redraft. And I would still have a 3.06.

I’d definitely do that. That’s cheap for a top 12 pick.

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Interested in what @MikeMeUpp thinks :face_with_monocle:

He sent me two. The one I already showed you and this one. What do you think??

I get 1.12, 4.03, 4.06

I give 2.07, 3.05, 3.06

Both are sitting in my proposal inbox

I prefer the first one

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