Kamara/Hop for Diggs/Hock/Carson

12 Team Standard 4-man Keeper League

Current Keepers

Cook - Kamara - DHop - Kittle

Trade offer is;

Kamara and Hop
Diggs - Hockenson - Carson

It’s a good trade, but imo, I lose a game changing Keeper

And RB is a crazy premium in this league.

Do I take the trade and try to flip Carson and Kittle for a better rb Keeper?

Or do I hold?

The mind reels…

Any outside opinions to help work the thought process is appreciated

I think I’d stay out. You’re giving up the best two players in the trade and doesn’t sound like you need depth. Unless you can get cmc for kittle and Carson I wouldn’t do it

CMC owner won’t budge… Was hoping to line up Carson and Kittle for a young keeper like Najee Harris.

His value is depressed right now, but think come next year they revamp the line and get a qb that’s not washed.

Problem is, as you mentioned, of I can’t flip it to get a piece to balance out the loss of Kamara I think it’s a slight loss.

Def an interesting offer though. And I am high on Hock. Kittle I think is a monster, but between Jimmy G and Shanahanigans I worry about him this season.

Lance can change all of that tho.