Kamara/Hunt Blockbuster Trade

If you were in this situation, which side would you want? .5ppr keeper

Receive: Hunt, JuJu and 3rd rounder 2018 (5-6 Team, needs to win out with 2 wins)
Give: Kamara and 8th rounder (6-5 team, needs one win)

I would very easily choose to receive the Hunt side. I know Hunt is down right now, but I’d rather have Hunt for the years to come than Kamara, mainly because Kamara still is out touched by Ingram every single game and I don’t think an offense can sustain two RB1s for long. JuJu could end up being a great player as well, that’s more than just a throw in piece. This trade really doesn’t even make much sense for this year…the one giving up Hunt/JuJu should be the one getting the better draft pick.

At the very least going forward, I think Hunt = Kamara. So Hunt side got an equal RB for years to come, and JuJu + a better draft pick for free. They gave up $20 and got back $40. Not even a close trade in my opinion.The Hunt owner lost big time