Kamara + K. Allen for Zeke +T Lockett PLEASE HELP! ๐Ÿ˜€

I was offered Kamara and Keenan Allen for Zeke and Tyler Lockett in our 3 WR 1/2 PPR league.

I know Zeke is going to be a monster ROS but I donโ€™t think Kamara is too far behind. Allen would be a huge upgrade over Lockett though in my opinion.


I wouldnโ€™t just because without Brees I need to see how that offense runs. Yes youโ€™re getting an upgrade on WR, but youโ€™re also giving up the best player in the deal in Zeke (in my opinion). So I would decline that offer, personally.

Bump one time for any more help

I am a Kamara owner. Holding out this week to see how the offense looks before I make a move.

I would take that trade in a heartbeat, especially because Keenan Allen is going to get more targets while Hunter Henry is still out, plus heโ€™s a major upgrade over Lockett already. Zeke and Kamara are pretty equal. Kamara could get a higher workload with Brees out too.

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I understand that but I donโ€™t believe Sean Payton is just gonna fold because Brees is out. I think Bridgewater may still check down a lot to Kamara.

And my team needs better WRs right now too. So I canโ€™t discount the Keenan Allen part of it.

Iโ€™d take that trade. Keenan is a huge upgrade over locket and people are panicking way too much about Alvin Kamara. If anything they will just rely on him more with Brees out.


I think I take that deal.