Kamara keeper... still reach for top RBs?

12 team one-keeper PPR league. I am going to keep Kamara with a 2 round penalty (round 9).

How would this change how you draft? Do you still reach for one of those top RBs and go for a round 2 WR? Or do you grab a top tier WR in the first round and a solid RB in the second round?

Draft order not decided yet. Thanks!

There is no such thing as reaching for a top RB, but presumably, the actual top guys would be keepers, no? It really depends on who’s available.

Yes, all the other top rated RBs are available. Except for Kamara who I am already keeping due to where I drafted him in 2017. Most of the others were within the first two rounds and therefore can’t be kept due to the 2-round penalty.

So the question remains do you still draft a top RB in round one and a WR in round two? Knowing you already have a potential top tier RB.

Then it’s not reaching given 1.01-1.04 should all be RBs. So you take whichever one you can get.

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