Kamara & Mixon for Keenan Allen?

Hey guys,

I was offered Keenan Allen for Mixon & Kamara in my half pt PPR league. I’m considering it because my WR lineup is brutal. Here is my current team:

WR’s: Cooper, Amendola, Humphries, Funchess, Marshall & Maclin
RB’s: Lev Bell, Gurley, Gore, Mixon, Kamara & Ingram

I’m pretty deep at RB which is the only reason I’m considering it and Allen would at least give me a consistent borderline WR1/2 option. Let me know what the footclan thinks!

I totally saw that title and was like 2 RBs for a WR, no way… but that depth has me totally switching. I’d probably do that trade. It’ll definitely help out your WR spot and not really hurt your RB spot, so that’s a win-win.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking but it pains the hell out of me to give up 2 RB’s and not get one in return which is why I was asking. Thanks for the reply much appreciated.

Oh I totally understand that too. It’s painful to give two up, but honestly, you’d still have 4 RBs that are playable, that’s what tips it for me.

I do think you need to make a move for a WR, but I’m not sure you’re getting great value here. I might try and shop those two backs around for someone who is more RB needy or who is 0-4 and panicking. If say the Julio owner is 0-4, you might be able to buy hiim for that if they’re desperate enough especially since he’s on bye this week. Just shop around for some value, but I don’t think this trade is horrible either.