Kamara or CEH

I have the first two overall picks in my 1/2 PPR Keeper Leagye. CMC is available and I will take him #1. The debate is between Kamara and Edwards-Hellaire at #2 as they are the next best on the board. Thoughts?

I’d draft CEH.

CMC is about as stable an RB pick as they come. Provides you the ability to embrace the risk with CEH.

Kamara is the safer pick and they are both similar Style RBs on top tier teams. I’d lean CEH just due to Kamara having a better backup behind him. But if you want the safer pick go Kamara.

My lean is def CEH. I have Golladay and Kittle locked in as later round keepers and feel like CEH has better keeper value long term as well. Kamara had had injury issue and going into a contract situation I feel like a holdout could be in his future as well.

CEH for sure. I think this similar question was brought up in the podcast today.
They explained it well.

CEH would be my choice as well. I had a dynasty startup recently and had two first round picks due to trading up. I wasn’t able to grab CMC but I grabbed Barkley and CEH. A known talent and a could be talent with extremely high upside.