Kamara or CMC?

Half PPR dynasty

Team 1: Kamara, ARob
Team 2: CMC, Davis

Who wins this trade? Is it even? After this season, I do think CMC is close to Kamaras value… and is also one year younger. But will Davis ever put it together? Is ARob a downgrade in dynasty from Davis?

I think it’s even. I think CMC >Kamara because he has a bigger share of the backfield and I think AROB>Davis. I like the Davis side because Davis is younger and less miles than ARob.

LOL @psychosem17…exactly what I was about to add…then saw you’d already beat me to it!!!

Gotta love AROB…but…already wondering what’s gonna happen with him next year. Might surprise us…but…might start re-aggravating those injuries. The years are starting to catch up. :smirk:

If the Titans play next year like they have the last month then NONE of their WR will have any value.

@psychosem17 @llc

So it sounds like there’s still reasonable hope for Davis and his value is still higher than ARob. Is it safe to say that if this was just a Davis for ARob trade that the Davis side would win? Based on your guys’ response CMC is the same value as Kamara

In Dynasty I say yes.

If you are trying to win now in Dynasty then ARob is probably better bet. I am uncertain if this leaning on DHenry at this point by the Titans is a happy accident by them due to the multiple stingers that Mariotta has dealt with, or if it has actually shown them that they can win if they reign Marcus in a little more. If Titans continue the current trend next year then ARob will have more value because Davis simply won’t get enough targets.

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Thanks. If we changed the RBs to Chubb and Sony, which side wins?

1: Chubb, ARob
2: Sony, Davis

I like Chubb better. He role is clearly defined. I think he is going to be more stable week to week. Patriots easily keep a 3 back committee. At worse Chubb is a two with Duke getting 3rd down work and even then they have proven they will factor Chubb into the passing game.

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Give me CMC all day. I’m also a corey davis truther so I’ll take him over ARob.

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@MikeMeUpp @psychosem17

Thank you guys. Appreciate all the input. Several counters going around here.

Team 1: Kamara, Robert Woods, 2020 2nd
Team 2: CMC, Corey Davis

Does this change anything?

I’d give that one to team one.

I like Woods a ton moving forward either with the Rams or if he gets paid in free agency in a year or two.

cmc seems to have a larger upside