Kamara Or Ellington

Kamara Or Ellington week 6? Non-ppr. Other starter is Hunt. Montgomery and and Cohen also on bench.

If you’re looking for a safer start, I would definitely take Kamara. Kamara has consistently out performed Ellington and he has a great matchup. Montgomery could have a big game just because of Aaron Rodgers and getting goal line touches, but the Viking’s run D has been really good and he is still “fresh off” broken ribs, I’d let him ride the bench this week.

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Kamara. I want to see it from Monty for at least a week before I trust the health. Rib injuries for RBs are rough to predict. In PPR, I’d probably say Ellington is safer (his target share has been extraordinary recently), but since it isn’t PPR, I’ll take the player with more varied production and better chance at finding the end zone. Kamara has higher upside in either format.

I don’t know if you can say consistently out performed Ellington. Ellington has been real solid the last 3 weeks and is the most targeted RB. Kamara had 1 great week and a decent week. With that said I still think I would go with Kamara with AP gone. Frees up snaps and how AP’s role with affect Ellington