Kamara or Garcon in PPR

Who would you roll out in the flex? Do you expect Kamara to continue producing at RB2/3 levels with AP gone?

I believe in Kamara he’s a solid RB2 in my book.

Garçon has let me down-Kamara is a good play-ya NEVER know what you are gonna get with Garçon-

I would play Kamara in (1) PPR

Appreciate the responses, Thats kind of where I’m at as well. I feel like Kamara could be very good rest of season, just being in a timeshare as a rookie makes me a tiny bit nervous. That being said, Garcons upside is seriously limited with Bethard at QB right now


I hear ya just dropped Garçon and picked E Sanders back up-

I would have to agree with the rest here. Garcon is a DEF play most weeks,…still can’t discount Kamara’s value. Tho both seem to be “must-starts” every week…if you have to make the choice between them…I would have to go with Kamara. NO pretty much only has Ingram to rely on…Min has lots of hungry mouths. So…would have to say Kamara if “push comes to shove”!!!

Damn…yeah…@eanenson is right about Bethard. TBH not sure that is a bad thing…but…wow…something to think about here. Bethard kinda makes me nervous. But…let’s wait another week or two and see what he does!!!

Appreciate it. I’m a niners fan and am hoping for the best but the last two weeks havent been pretty. Have faith Bethard can be decent from his college production and preseason, but its still unfortunately a negative for garcon at this point

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Think I’m going to take the plunge and roll out Kamara in the Flex (Have Allen and Cooper at WR starting). Appreciate the responses!