Kamara or Gordon?

Kamara is still a stud but getting a little concerned he could be becoming a little TD dependant. Might be able to swing a deal of:

I give:

Kamara + two of… Golladay (hesitant to include him now) Baldwin/Shepard/Allison

I get

Melvin Gordon + Juju

Is this worth swinging? Is it worth including Golladay now that Tate is gone?

Edit: Clarified Melvin Gordon.

Kamara is the real deal. No sign of that changing. I’d decline this trade offer. You’re buying pure potential with Gordon and you have a higher ceiling with Galladay IMO. His value goes up with the trade of Tate.

The Gordon I’m talking about is Melvin Gordon. Not sure if that was clear or not.

I’m not sure about the “potential” part. Kamara has 3 games under 15 pts, Gordon has 0. The flip side of that is Kamara has 2 38 pt games, Gordons highest is 34 on a 3 TD game.

I worried that Kamara is more boom-bust as opposed to Gordons seemingly guaranteed 20-something output.

It’s a half PPR and I have Conner, Mixon and Michel as my other RB’s

Ultimately your judgement call, and yes, I was assuming Josh Gordon. Even with Melvin, to me Kamara>Gordon & Juju>Galladay. So may depend on the third piece, but i’d personally prioritize RB value over WR value. Also factor in Gordon’s injury concerns.

Yeah I get that Melvins injuries are concerning, that’s partially why I keep going back and forth on whether I like this or not lol.

The 3rd piece would be a depth WR who would only see time if Juju/M.Thomas got hurt.

Then i wouldn’t consider that piece. You can find those ad nauseum on waivers on any given sunday.

I’d totally do this trade. IMO you keep Golladay and trade two out of any of those other three. If he won’t budge then maybe but I’d keep Golladay at least for a week to see how much of a bump he gets. You get JuJu and Gordon!!! Absolutely

I rather have Gordon than Kamara