Kamara or Henry?

I have pick 4 and if both are on the board, who should I grab.

I’m leaning more Henry, but when both are available I’m left unsure.

Advise please and thank you.

The easiest way to think about it- if it’s PPR or .5P, Kamara is your choice. I mean, that offense has to go through him. The other receivers are unproven and Kamara is gonna have to carry the team. I imagine they might have a really rough year though.
Now- Henry, if it’s standard, is gonna get the work, AGAIN. It might be even easier for him since Brown and Julio are gonna demand more coverage. If it’s PPR or .5P- Henry is such a beast that he’ll still be fine.

Might be splitting hairs, but I like Henry’s situation a lot more.

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Thanks for the input.

I totally agree with what you are saying. It is a .5PPR 12 man league and I almost want Kamara to be gone by the time it gets to my 4th pick so i can just take Henry, but when both are still there, thats when i start to question existence itself lol.

I hope either one is gone to make the decision easier, but when it comes to both being there my heart wants Henry.

So you would go Henry if both were available?

Oh man- today I say yes.

Tomorrow I probably say Kamara!
I’m also on the fence. Example: I had a trade going for Kamara a bit ago. Then the next day Julio got traded to Tennessee. I canceled the trade because I imagined all the open running lanes for Henry as Kamara’s team tries to figure out who the QB is.

I think I agree with the Henry pick.

Let’s take the threat of potential injury out of the equation (which there’s no reason to bet against Henry besides historical examples of other players): I HATE the offensive situation in New Orleans and there is a world where Kamara - as great as he is - gets less than 10 rushing touchdowns even if he remains healthy all year.

If Henry stays upright and potentially faces less men in the box now that Julio is in town to compliment A.J. Brown, there’s no reason to expect any sort of dip in his production unless you are anticipating a Larry Johnson-like fall from grace.

I’d expect a dip in Kamara’s total receptions with a new QB and total touchdowns in a down offense before you see one with Henry’s rushing yards and total touchdowns.

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The QB situation in NO scares me. I get that means that Kamara will probably run more, but how will that affect his receptions, and more importantly, his durability.

If he becomes a standard RB, then i might as well have Henry who is a proven prototypical running back. Plus, hes a tank.

Like i said, i hope my league makes the decision for me lmao.

The things i lose sleep over.

Well said. NO is not going to operate as well as it did with Drew.

Everything you mentioned is what has gone through my head.

Sad thing is, my league is full of smart guys, so ill probably end up with Kamara.

But now you all have me wondering, what if its between Kamara and Zeke?

The rabbit hole i am going down now hahahaha.

I’m actually glad you brought Zeke up…because I’d consider him over both of these guys.

I think Dak being back and those crazy options at receiver opening things up even more (plus a slightly less depleted o-line), I expect a big bounce-back year from Zeke. I think he is a happy medium between Henry and Kamara in regards to rushing yards and total receptions.

I’d personally rank them Henry-Zeke-Kamara - with Henry and Zeke being a borderline coin-flip.

I like this.

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy lol.

I appreciate the input fellas. It has really cleared my head.

I know Ill come up with more questions before my Sept 8 draft, so keep an eye out for my post.

I value all your opinions.