Kamara or Howard Keeper

10 person half ppr league w/ 2 keepers. I can keep Kamara for a 1st round pick or OJ Howard for a 12th round pick. I’m drafting 10th, so I’m trying to figure out whether I should spend that late 1st round pick to keep Kamara, or take the absurd value with OJ Howard and draft a lower-end RB1/WR pair like Mixon & OBJ/Tyreek

Keep Kamara.

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Kamara. Kamara is my redraft 1.01 so even though it costs you a 1st round pick, that 10 spots of value is worth a tonne. Howard is a great value as well but I’d rather just spend a 5th/6th round pick on Engram/Howard and lock in the best fantasy asset.