Kamara or hunt ROS

I’m the hunt owner with only James Connor Jordan Howard and ito Smith

Would you accept kamara for hunt straight up it seems like such a lateral move except I get an extra game with kamara when hunts on bye

You should take kamara.

I’m a huge hunt fan and I think you have to take it. You’re so right about the BYE, thats a big advantage at this point. Hunt is great but Kamara is a beast

I think it’s really close. I’m having a hard time deciding what’s the better move cause I’m 7-0 right now

I’ll say Hunt ROS since Kamara volume has decreased with Ingram (he’s still a RB 1 for sure though), but the BYE week is a huge upgrade for you. That’s a tough one,

I got both thank god lol

If you’re 7-0, then Kamara’s already passing his bye week doesn’t really matter that much. I think it’s close too, but I think I might rather have hunt since he’s the workhorse on the best offense, and he’s getting receptions. He won’t split goal line work like Kamara will

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I think you guys are right. I’m gonna sit tight for the time being