Kamara or Hunt ROS?

Kamara owner is trying to get Hunt, and willing to move him. Thoughts on who is better rest of season? I am sitting at 4-4 so Kamara already having is bye is intriguing to me. Mixon is my other starting RB

I prefer Hunt he doesn’t split work and I like KC’s offense balance right now. Kamara not far behind but I don’t like losing so many touches/opp to Ingram

Ingram had one good game where he got the goal line work, only reason he had a good fantasy day. Last game, not in on the goal line and pretty ineffective as a runner. Kamara is the back now and in the future. He’s electric.

I had those same thoughts. Ingram’s first game back seemed to be a “rest Kamara this week going into bye” and was back to close to the same volume post bye. But I have a hard time sacrificing Hunt’s guaranteed workhorse back nature here. Owner has mentioned interest in Jones earlier this week, would flipping marvin jones for kenny golladay impact this deal?

hunt for sure, best offense in the league and he’s a workhorse compared to kamara sharing time

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I’m a Hunt owner and would probably move his for Kamara, just because what you mentioned about bye. I’m 4-4 so these next couple of weeks are critical. However I live in TN and the Kamara owner is a giant TN fan - just as i am - so he wouldn’t take the trade.