Kamara or Kittle

Keeper question:
10 team, drafting 10th, full PPR

Keep Kamara, lose 1st round
Keep Kittle, lose 11th round

Available players when it’s my turn at 1.10 and the turn are…
Gurley, cook, mixon, Jones, Thomas, juju, hill, and obj

What do ya’ll think?

That’s tough. I think if you had the opportunity to take Kamara at 1.10 you would jump at it. Just give that spot up for the player. Might be able to draft Kittle later.

I’d keep Kamara and use that turn pick to grab up Gurley or one of the other top WR. Kamara will be a solid PPR keeper.
The other way is that if you’re high on Gurley and one of the top WR then Kittle might make more sense. Your third/fourth round pick up I’ll become available for more depth at RB and WR.
I’m high on Gurley again this year despite the knee injury because he’s still the focal point of the Rams high powered offense.

Kittle is the TE 2/3 that you can get in the 11th…that’s a steal! Giving up Kamara is tough, especially since you’re close to the turn. But you could grab 2 servicible RBs and take a shot on Montgomery or Jacobs to see if they emerge.

If you keep Kamara, you’re not going to get a TE as good as Kittle.

But if you keep Kittle, you stand a really good chance of getting some first round talent.

Keep Kittle.

Admittedly having Kittle in the 11th is fantastic, I am still keeping Kamara in this situation. I get the value, but unless you know what players will be available to you I think it is harder to replace AK on your team. I think you can make up ground at TE much easier.

Keep Kamara for sure. You’re getting one of the top four studs at the 10 spot. You can probably grab Evans or Howard at the next turn or just wait until later and go with the targets McDonald should pick up later in the draft. Getting one of the top studs in a PPR league is hard not to do, especially when you can get one at the 10 turn.