Kamara or mccaffery

I have an option here to give mccafery and hyde and receive kamara and James Conner. I obviously really wanna do it but I’m 5-0 and kamara is on bye and mccafery isn’t. My first thought was to wait until the week is over and hope he left the trade and accept it then. Right now my roster is

Am I really compromising that much by waiting?

No way Jose - you’re giving up way too much if you’re trading McCaff and Hyde for Kamara and James Conner who is good for maybe 1 more game

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That’s what I was thinking too. I’d much rather give David Johnson for kamara but he wouldn’t go for that straight up I’m sure

Do NOT do this. CMC is comparable to Kamara moving forward (some may argue better value) and Hyde has a NIIIIICE schedule coming up. Whereas Conner has a potential shelf life.

Should I shop DJ to him and test interest or just leave it with what I drafted. Being 5-0 makes me want to stay with this team but the offers I’ve been getting are enough to make me sweat

I would try and package Yeldon and Hyde for another RB1. Maybe someone who just lost Ajayi. He will get 2 solid RBs and you will have DJ, CMC and another RB1 and laugh your way to the money. You could also get a flex WR in addition.