Kamara Outlook? Rate my Team so far

I’m the third highest scoring team in my 12 team half PPR league yet I’m sitting at 3-3, getting unlucky playing Diggs this past week and Mcaffery the week before. Kamara has also been underperforming. I want to be patient but he has cost me a few wins.

Are there any moves I should try to make or should I stand pat?

QB - Josh Allen, Rivers
RB - Kamara, Carson, Brieda, L Murray
WRs- Julio, Godwin, McLaurin, Josh Gordon, Golden Tate, Sanu
TE - Waller, Walker

Your team look solid! Your three starting WR’s are phenomenal and it’s very unlikely that Kamara keeps disappointing. The only player that has name value who has also been disappointing on your roster is Josh Gordon. If you can spin him for a similar draft value player I personally would prefer that, but if you like Gordon then I would hold tight. Such as a mid-low end RB2, as you’re a bit thin there. Your 4th RB is a handcuff, not sure that would make me comfortable.

Would you say McLaurin is a start this week vs SF? They locked up the Rams receivers last week

Are you starting two WR’s or 3?

Two Wrs, Godwin is on Bye so I need a second wr along with a flex. My options would be McLaurin, Brieda, Tate or Gordon

I personally would still play McLaurin, he’s had bad matchups earlier in the year and did fine. Just seems to be somewhat more consistent than the others. For your flex, it sounds weird but Tate could easily have another great game in a good matchup if Shepherd is out again. Gordon just isn’t reliable to me at this point.