Kamara over Crowell

Can anyone convince me to start Kamara over Crowell this week?

Shootout for Kamara vs Tough Defense for Crowell…

My gut is to stick Crowell for another week, but if Kamara’s going to go off… This week seems likely.

I own both of those guys as well I can’t bring myself to put Kamara in. I think it’ll be Ingraham this week.

In PPR, I think I would give Kamara the start. Saints will be behind and Kamara will be on the field a lot. Crowell was very inefficient last week in a game that was close. Now they go on the road and are likely to be in a negative game script where you will see more Duke this week.

If you have a lot of other high-floor low risk players on your lineup, I’d feel more comfortable taking a shot on Kamara to get maximum points.