Kamara trade advice?

In a TE superflex would you guys trade kamara and DK for kittle and Juju? Other rbs are the rams rb and drake and at TE I’m probably starting fant. I also have a trade out there for kamara, the 1.11 and 3.11 for Sutton, the 1.4 and 2.4, my wr core is old and weak so looking to revamp it but still a contender this year.

In a vacuum I would say no to trade one. I am not big on JuJu as PIT WR1 (never really was, not just based on last year). But I love Kittle. Problem is AK + DK are fantastic too. In this situation, though, I can see getting Kittle as a massive win for your league type.

Back in the vacuum, I really like your other trade! You get far superior picks and a stud WR, while moving an RB that you could potentially draft a decent replacement for while still pulling another young WR.

Both have ups and downs. I am very drawn to the second offer but I am in a different space for this year. If you are okay staying strong and potentially building a deeper roster, take those picks and keep DK. For your league I see the definite advantage to getting Kittle. He should be a stud for years and keep you well positioned in a spot that is flaky at best. If you are a contender that is not a bad move and probably helps out more as you know what you are getting. I prefer known assets if I think I have a shot as opposed to lottery picks.

If you are definitely taking one of these, I would go Kittle ONLY if you are certain you will be a legit contender. Else I would happily take the second, hope to contend this year but reload that core to be stronger and younger for the next few years to come.

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