Kamara trade advice

Been offered the following:

A. Thielen & J. Landry for Kamara & J. Doyle

I have McCoy and Hunt in a 1RB slot Std league

Is this good value for this trade?

Sounds good, I think so

Good, depends on who you currently have in WR and how many WRs you play every week? What about Flex?

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Kamara has been pretty beastly regardless of format. Iā€™d want a little more. Unless your WRs are absolute trash? Jarvis has been surprisingly good in STD this year but his TD rate will drop.

It is a 2 wr / 1 rb / 1 fkex league

WR: t. Hill, m. Evans, m. Crabtree

RB: Hunt, McCoy, (Kamara), Burkhead, Woodhead