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Kamara trade advice


Been offered the following:

A. Thielen & J. Landry for Kamara & J. Doyle

I have McCoy and Hunt in a 1RB slot Std league

Is this good value for this trade?


Sounds good, I think so


Good, depends on who you currently have in WR and how many WRs you play every week? What about Flex?


Kamara has been pretty beastly regardless of format. I’d want a little more. Unless your WRs are absolute trash? Jarvis has been surprisingly good in STD this year but his TD rate will drop.


It is a 2 wr / 1 rb / 1 fkex league

WR: t. Hill, m. Evans, m. Crabtree

RB: Hunt, McCoy, (Kamara), Burkhead, Woodhead