Kamara trade - help

I am a Kamara owner and was offered CMC and Juju for him. Should I accept?

I am sitting at 2-3 and my roster is
Wr-Golladay, Baldwin, Amari cooper, Fitz, Geronimo
Rb-Kamara, Mixon, Tevin Coleman, clement

.5 ppr btw. Any help would be appreciated!

Umm yea…I still love kamara, but honestly him and CMC is a toss up at this point and Juju is a top 15 wr, so this is an absolute steal and need to accept right away.

Absolutely 100%

I like it. Kamara is an elite talent but I think you’re getting just enough. It will make your team better overall

As a CMC truther, I would take this deal. Your team lacks depth on the WR side. You’re not giving up a tonne in the CMC to Kamara deal but you’re gaining a WR1/high end WR2 who you can start every week. I think this is a big win for you.


I would absolutely make that trade. You need WR help bad.

Another nice little bonus that makes Kamara and CMC even closer is that CMC has already had his bye, Kamara has his thing week.

Good catch. This is actually pretty huge.

Agreed, MCM is monster in PPR. If it wasn’t for Cam the goal line VULTURE taking all the TD’s to salvage his own FF production, CMC might arguably be the most productive player in the league by a wide margin. I like the trade as Juju is highly involved and productive as well. He’s WR2 with easy WR1 upside every week.

Yup. Id take this trade.

That would be a steal. As a resident New Orleanian I would love the chance of having Kamara BUT opposing D’s are cheating up and daring Teddy to beat them. Juju wont be average forever, good players always find a way to make plays. CMC for Kamara straight up would be a great deal. Juju is the icing on the cake