Kamara trade help!?!?!?!

Would u give up Kamara and edelman for Barkley?
My other RBs are Hyde AP Chubb Mosert and Barner in a full ppr league

Bumping it up!

Ah here’s the rest of you RBs lol. I prefer your Juju trade in the other post for team balance if I’m honest. Barkley would be a good get but he’s on bye next week so you lose a week there so depending on your record and next week opponent i would if you have a winning record and next week look likely to win without a true stud RB1 if you did get Barkley?

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No way dude! Don’t sell low on Kamara or buy high on Saquon. NYG season is essentially DONE. That means protect…everybody except Eli basically lol. But reallly like if they let Saquon get hurt at this point from over use, heads are gonna roll everywhere. He has almost no reason to play anymore

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Just worried about the playoffs because if the saints clinch what if they sit their players? I’m
Currently 5-2 and tied with 4 other people for 1st place

I’m looking more into that trade rather than this one, this one is more just preparing for the fantasy playoffs