Kamara trade in dynasty

Which side wins in dynasty superflex half PPR?

Kamara/pettis/Foles (2020 3rd)
Goff/woods/witten/Ingram (2020 2nd)

I think both teams got better, and rosters obviously matter. But surface who do you think won?

Wow…tough call.

Kamara’s obviously a stud, and still young enough to have major dynasty value.

But the rest of that trade aint much. Reports out of 9ers camp on Pettis aren’t positive at all. I’m an Eagles fan and I can tell you straight up that Nicky Six is VERY capable of throwing in monumental DUD games…to the point where you wonder if it’s even the same guy that looked so good the week before.

HOWEVER: on the other side of that trade, Woods is the only guy with true stud potential. I like him in a stack with Goff. But what happens to them when they both come up against a savvy d-coordinator? The Bears and the Patriots rendered them both useless. And when that happens, you have an instant fantasy loss on your hands for that week. Witten is waiver wire fodder. I agree with those who think that Ingram loses his super powers the further he gets from Sean Payton’s offense.

I therefore go with the Kamara side of that trade because he’s far and away much more productive than anyone else on either side of it.

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I appreciate that feedback.
I feel the same way, I did like woods a lot.

My team beforehand was…
Josh jacobs

I had Stafford,dalton on the bench for QBs.

Aha…so YOU were the recipient of Kamara. Nice!

I like Woods, too. I just reached for him in a draft this past weekend. Cooks was still on the board! I do think Woods has the highest floor in that offense and potentially the highest ceiling, too. But with that said, unless he blows up and goes super stud on us, which seems unlikely given the other mouths to feed there, he’s still not in the same tier as Kamra in productivity or value, in the short and long term.

Good luck, man!

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Haha people are harsh if they know a side of a deal was the side you got sometimes lol. But no that was great feedback and I share that sentiment.

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The Kamara side wins and it’s not even close IMO.

Agreed with @15Mrod. You could trade Kamara for all the rest of those players combined and the Kamara side still basically wins. Nice that you got rid of two aging veterans too. Always important in dynasty. Well done.

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The Kamara side for sure, adding the potential upside of a young WR in Pettis is a nice addition as well