Kamara Trade. Need opinions

AB owner here. Its been a day…

My team
AB, Cooks, McLaurin, Robby A, Dorsett
Kamara, both Freeman’s, Coleman, C. Thompson
Andrews, Waller

Have a trade offer to give up Kamara and Cooks for Golladay, Thielen, and Michel. I need starters at this point. Think this makes sense?

Ppr? But I rather try and flip Waller or Andrew’s for a starting wr than give up Kamara. I dont think you could afford to give Kamara with your rb depth


It’s 0.5ppr, 12 teams. Been a disaster so far. 6 of my first 7 picks are either injured or their QBs are. Or in AB’s case, gone altogether.

I tried all week to flip him but no one in my league wanted him for anything. So here we are…

That’s quite a pickle you’re in. I just dont think if you did this michel and either of the Freeman’s will produce enough to cover what Kamara can do week in and out even with getting golladay and thielen. Also kirk cousins has been really bad. With what ya got I would hold out at least another week before making a trade and play both your te’s both Waller and Andrew’s have a good floor.

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I agree with @dustin_mitchell … I’m thinking of flexing Dorsett. Can you flex both TEs? So, Cooks, Mclaurin, Kamara, one of the Freemans and both TEs - what positions do you play?

I ended up declining. Hopefully Andrews and Waller will both have good weeks. Freeman, too,
especially. It’d be nice to actually have some trade pieces other than my top pick.

It’s a 3 WR league so I’ll have to play Anderson or Dorsett. And I’m definitely having to flex a TE.

Getting to flex a TE :slight_smile:

I just put in Dorsett over M Jones in my WR3.

Good luck to both of us!

Sounds like we’re gonna need it.