Kamara Trade Thoughts

My Team is pretty loaded and the guy with Kamara is struggling.
My Roster:
Darnold, Lance
J Robinson, Cook, T WIlliams, C Patterson, Gio
Ridley, Moore, Deebo, Lockett, C Davis, Patrick, Mike Thomas

His Roster:
Kamara, Jacobs, J Williams, Felton
Waller, Jefferson, OBJ, Renfrow, Rondale, Fuller, Pascal, Cephus

Thinking about trying to acquire Kamara for Robinson and Lockett, but wondering if I might be giving up too much or making a trade where one isnt necessary. Any thoughts or potential trade ideas would be appreciated!

full PPR, 2 RBs, 3 W/Ts, 1 Flex

I would look at it in reverse. If someone came to you with Kamara for your Robinson & Lockett, would you accept. I would. You are getting the best player in the deal and will have 2-top five running backs. You WR are deep enough to take the hit. I assume the other team won’t accept, I wouldn’t. I would be looking for more in exchange for Kamara.

yeah thats the issue I dont have a high end RB2 to offer up in the trade which might make it hard to get a deal done.

I would offer Robinson and their pick of WR. Worth a shot.