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Kamara trade, worth it?


Sitting at 5-0, was offered kamara and Marvin Jones jr for Thomas and Corey clement.

Here’s my roster
Davante Adams

Powell, Corey Davis, clement, Baldwin, Hilton, ekeler, James White. Is this trade worth it? Better to have solid 2 WRs or should I play Adams as 1 and Hilton/Baldwin as 2 with my 2 RBs and flex with gurley kamara and Howard?


do it, thats worth


Despite Ingram and Himsplitting touches? Better off with two RB1s than two WR1s?


Standard if it matters


Matters a lot. Kamara way more valuable in PPR. Still prob RB1 in standard though with Ingram there.


Bumping up need help


This is hard for me to say because I usually like to stack RBs…
But I would hold with what you have…

Marvin Jones is the 3rd WR now in Detroit…
Through the first 5 games he trails well behind Tate/Golladay in targets, receptions, and yards…

The drop off between Thomas and the rest of your WRs on your bench is huge…

The argument for huge upgrade at RB leaves me with 2 opinions to hold what u have…
I believe James White is going to be Kamara lite moving forward this season, will see 5-10 rushes and be heavily involved in the passing game similar to Kamara…
Kamara has only 1 more TD than White through 5 games…

And Clement seems to have some value in the Philly offense…
Even though he had fewer carries than Smallwood, Clement had more total yards and got the TD…
It will likely be a timeshare moving forward, but I believe Clement will eventually take over the early down back role and get more volume and have fantasy value unless they make a rumored trade for Bell…

And Howard will get better as the season goes on…Will be a solid RB2 for Rest of Season…


I think you do this. Not easy to give up Thomas but i think you get better here.
You have Brees, Gurley, Kamara, Adams, Hilton/Baldwin, Kittle, then flex best available/matchup will give you a team that will be incredibly tough to beat ROS.

With Ingram back the Saints don’t need to throw as much, they can control the clock more and Kamara will get his don’t worry. Howard, White, Ekeler gives you an awesome RB core and between the first three you can flex the best looking one weekly - you will have an embarrassment of riches at RB. Clement will have value in Philly but they will always be RBBC so the down games could cost you a week if it turns into a Smallwood week etc.

WR wise Adams will be a solid WR1 ROS, Hilton will be a fine WR2 and Baldwin is the wildcard who could be great in the second half. Plus given your RB depth if you get lucky with injuries and they all take off there’s nothing to stop you buying a WR back later in the year from an RB needy team be that via depth or a sudden injury. You have the most valuable trade chips in lots of RBs that can all be solid weekly starts don’t underestimate that. Marvin Jones is a decent wildcard if you ever needed massive boom/bust upside but your roster post trade you wont need it!

I’d do this trade, the names changing are big but you will be the better team after the trade


I did the trade. I think I’m going to shop around white and package him with Davis or someone for a solid wr1 hopefully that someone can bite on