Kamara value

So I have Kamara in my keeper league. Assuming Ingram is out with Murray coming in, what do you think Kamara finishes as this coming year? RB1 I assume still, but what is the potential? Think Murray will have a bigger/smaller role than Ingram did?

Here are the rushing results for the Saints in 2018:

And here are the rushing results for Latavius Murray in 2018 (Vikings):

From my perceptive Murray is a capable back with similar stats to Ingram in 2018. I don’t think our value or view of Karama should change in 2019.

Stats provided by www.pro-football-reference.com

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This also tells me…buy low (like real low) on Murray.

DISCLAIMER: If Ingram stays in New Orleans, than Murray’s role with the team and value plummet.

Yeah… good point. May be a good addition.

I agree with @fun4willis on the buy low on Murray; but, I don’t think he’ll match Ingram’s 135/140 carries. Murray had so many carries last year because Cook was out for so long. Coming into NO, assuming Ingram leaves and Kamara is healthy all year, I pencil Murray in for around 100 carries and 15 receptions. This bumps Kamara’s carries to around 230ish and his receptions should stay the same. I think Kamara, Zeke, and Gordon are the clear top 3 RBs.

I personally don’t think this equates to more work for Kamara.

Look at media from last year when Ingram was suspended:

As well as media when Ingram returned:

Outside of comments from the team (yet to be said) I don’t see any reason to project more work.

I dont think Kamara would be given extra work if Ingram was still there; but, I don’t think Murray can be slated in for Ingram’s workload. The only reason Murray got that many touches was because Cook was injured. So, because I don’t think Murray will eclipse 100 carries, barring injury, those extra 30-50 carries have to go somewhere. Maybe the saints use Hill more, maybe Brees passes more and the team runs less, or maybe it is divided up among all RBs. Regardless, I think Kamara has always been at his floor for volume because of Ingram. Assuming Ingram is gone, I predict Kamara will go up in volume. If not by 30 touches, maybe by 20. Either way, he should be as good or better than past years with the same or an increased workload.

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Over the last two years in Min, Murray and Cook played 9 games together where Cook was 100% healthy (played normal snaps start to finish). Over those 9 games, Murray had 55 (FIFTY FIVE) total carries. On a 16 game pace, thats a 97ish carry season. When the backup, Murray only gets about 6 carries a game and 1.5 catches a game.


Thanks for elaborating. We’ll have to agree to disagree. :handshake:

One last comment from me. I’m not evaluating Murray as a player. One can say he’s serviceable or trash. However, I do think he’s capable, physically, of the carry workload and the receiving targets that Mark Ingram consumed.


@fun4willis I’ve read a lot of your posts over the last year or so and absolutely respect you and your opinions. I hope you’re wrong because I have Kamara in dynasty lol. We’ll just have to wait and see what next year brings.