Kamara versus Ridley

I am in a 10 team Dynasty League (PPR). My roster includes Carson, Connor, Hunt, and Gordon as starters (RB and flex positions). My starting WRs are Ridley, Golladay, and Boyd with Mooney and MVS on the bench. Kamara is available for trade. I am considering a straight up trade (Ridley for Kamara). Jones will probably be traded which increases Ridley’s value. Kamara’s value is probably down a little sue to Brees retirement.

I need the Footclan’s opinions on Ridley for Kamara.


Make the offer, but as a Kamara owner I would not accept

Thanks, my reluctance is more on Kamara’s production level. His production was lower when someone else (Hill or Winston) was the QB. Will send the proposal and see what sort of counter I receive.