Kamara vs Mixon and Taylor?

8 teams, redraft league, standard scoring.

I have Alvin Kamara and a guy offered Joe Mixon and Jonathan Taylor for him. My others RBs are Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery, Kareem Hunt and Ronald Jones.

Any thoughts on that? Thanks!!

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If I’m you I’m smashing accept on that. Mixon looks to be a RB1 anyway and JT is the ULTIMATE standard league RB as he does not need the PPR bonus to make him interesting.

This is not remotely an anti-AK stance. I adore that guy. But in my eyes you are getting more than fair value and potentially a far better roster end of the deal.

Just my two cents but I hope it helps!

Sounds like a great deal for you. I’d much rather have both Mixon and JT over Kamara. Kamara has top 1 overall upside, but you’re getting 2 top 10 RB’s potentially. JT is the best prospect since Saquon.