Kamara vs Montgomery vs howard

I was wondering what everyone thinks these three will do the rest of the season. I currently have Montgomery and can trade him in a package deal to get Kamara. Someone also proposed a trade to me for Aj green for howard. This is a 1/2 ppr

In my opinion karama will be a stable RB2 ROS especially with one of the easiest schedules going forward. I feel extra confident in him because sean payton hates Ingrum and while he is getting a lot of work now. I feel confident karama should get most of the work going forward.

The bears also have one of the easier schedules going forward, but am scared that they will be trailing in the next two games and need a better pass catching back in the game. I still think howard could be an RB2 ROS

Montgomery I am lost on. Obviously Rodgers getting injured hurts his value, but hey are starting someone who has been in the system for three years. With the beat up offensive line (three possible starters out) I would think they would have trouble running the ball, but that would set up nicely for catching short passes in a ppr league. I known their coach is used to having a workhouse back, but I am worried that montgomery is going to go into a timeshare for ROS. His bye week also hurts due to me being 3-3 and competing for a playoff spot.

So, I currently have Montgomery. Would howard have more value rest of season in a 1/2 ppr league? Bye week is something take into account but playoff schedule isn’t overly important.

Since I currently have Zeke and Montgomery (pending a trade for kamara ) should I trade green for howard straight up?

I know this is a lot of words but I appreciate anyone who can help me in this predicament.



I would do Howard for Green straight up. I have Howard myself, and I am potentially trading him for Julio straight up. I have no WR depth and plenty of RB depth. Green is even better than Julio this year.

Montgomery for Kamara is a tougher decision. I also happen to have Kamara. Kamara has less wear and tear, but Ty is the clear lead back in GB. Maybe he will get fewer touches than he has been getting, but he is still the top back there. Taking Rodgers injury into account, idk if I would rather have Montgomery or Kamara. I’m curious to see what other people think too.

I appreciate the response. I mistyped earlier. My current recievers are : Green, baldwin, funches, parker and watkins. Knowing this would it still be smart to trade green if I add Alshon jeffery from another trade?