Kansas City Dilemma

Well i just got kelce for jaquizz and buck allen.

The problem im having is now my team has a ton of chiefs. What should my next move be?

My team is

Qb Carson Palmer (Luck on ir)

Rb Bell, Hunt, zeke, Ingram, Kamara, Jamaal Williams

Wr Amari Cooper, Tyreek hill, Amendola, Marquees Lee, Corey Davis

Te Kelce

Dst Cardinals

K rams kicker

Got offered dalvin cook and pryor for hunt and Cooper to break up the chiefs but i think im getting the worse end of that deal.

Should i try to move a chief or stay the course?

12 team .5ppr

I wouldn’t take that trade cause youre definitely getting the short end of the deal and outside of the KC’s bye week i doubt you’ll run into any issues. Even then your RB depth is good enough to stream a TE, plug one of your other WR and still possibly pull out a win. KC is a legit offence this year and Hunt/Kelce should be at the top of their positions each week. Even if the offense has a bad week, Hunt is still gonna get a decent amount of touches/targets, and Hill is always gonna have that breakout play potential. The amount your gonna get from that trade or probably any other trades youll get for kelce or hunt just isn’t going to be worth it in my opinion.

Yeah it shouldnt be too bad i just worry about the demver game and bye weeks. I may try to pair cooper/hill/ingram or some combination to get a tier 1 reciever and stream the 2nd wr i roll out.