Kansas City Local League

Hello Footclan!

i am looking to start a local redraft league here in Kansas City. with one twist… in-person events to decide draft order every year.

how it would go is like this. before the season starts we would all meet up to participate in various events (can be decided what they are at a later date but examples are Madden, Beer Pong, Cornhole ect) and we would have points assigned to placements in each event. person with the most points at the end of it all gets their league dues covered for that year, an event trophy, and gets to decide what spot they will draft from. second place would get to choose their draft spot next, then third place and so on.

after that the league would go like normal, we would draft in person, and play. the rules we use we will vote on before we do the events. the only requirement that i ask is a rabid love for the game, and a strong desire to have these once-a-year events. i have done it before and it is an insane amount of fun when everyone is bought in.

if you are interested you can reply here, or reach out to my email raynor.char@gmail.com