Karama & M Thomas Stack

Bad decision to take these guys as 1 & 2 picks even if best available?

Or is NO offense safe enough week in and week out?

The offense is safe enough. Stacking RB and WR from same offense in first two rounds isn’t too risky to me, similar to M Gordon & K Allen, Bell & Brown, Barkley & Beckham. These guys are all supremely talented and will get theirs.

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That’s true.

Now if only we could figure out Gurley’s best pairing!

In my .5 league last year the champ (i finished 2nd) had Kamara, Ingram and Thomas. I watched his stack from week to week work. I personally don’t like to double dip from the same team but I have seen it work in certain situations.

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Don’t worry about it. I’d be very happy with this pair.

Also be ready for week 6 bye