Kareeeeeeem hunt

That is all…


Told someone to start him over lacy earlier and they tried to tell me I was wrong bahahhaha


I got a little nervous when my third round pick coughed up the ball on his first professional carry but boy did he redeem himself. Made up for Gronk getting smothered by Berry all night.


Lacy isn’t even starting the first game! Lol.


Happy to have started Hunt over Abdullah!


I talked a big game about hunt, and I’m glad it paid off because i told a lot of people in this community to start him pretty much no matter what. Great start to the season boys!


Three things that I took away from the game last night.

  1. Kareem Hunt is exactly who a lot of people thought he was. Good, very very good. The fumble in the beginning did not worry me as I had a feeling he would bounce back quickly.

  2. The Patriots defense is down right atrocious at the moment and this is something I have not seen in a while.

  3. I still think the Steelers are going to be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl.

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Dude I almost threw up… I started Hunt in all 3 of my leagues and I just went to my knees bc I thought that was it for his NFL career lmao


Well as a Pats fan i agree with Mike 110%… Ben retires this year so the Steelers already won the SuperBowl… whatever team is the seasons soap opera wins the Superbowl lol… I mean go back the last decade… every winner has a fairy tale narrative.


Drafted and started him everywhere I could😎


I’m playing against Hunt :frowning:


Is anyone else as stupid as me and draft TY Montgomery over Hunt after the MVP Show? I did, to “diversify” my teams; because I had hunt on 3 teams already. Wow. I could have also gotten Ty Montgomery the round after. I am having a hard time today! hahahaha


haha yeah, but also dont forget its 1 game. TY could still have a good game, and a good season. for all we know this was just a magic game for hunt and he wont do well at all the rest of the season. so dont get too down on TY when he hasnt even had a chance yet. :smiley:
as for anyone playing against hunt, wow do i feel sorry. except for my step dad. playing him week 1, started hunt. he called me an idiot. oh yeah? suck on that!

btw a fun thing i like to do is extrapolate someones week 1 game over a whole season. just for fun, and to see some crazy good, or bad numbers. hunts… wow…

2368 rushing yards, 16 TDs

80 receptions for 1568 yards, 32 TDs

talk about a good season lol.


I think I might win my league with that kind of production :blush:

I was high on Hunt in my drafts, even taking him over Demarco, Lynch, Ajayi, and he indeed looked great, but last night’s production was as much due to him as it was the Pats D and Andy Reid’s ability to put his talent in the best position to succeed.

Butler’s massive PI literally handed Hunt a goal line TD for his first.

The 2nd receiving TD was on a seam route to the inside with linebacker coverage where he had huge separation.

The 3rd being a 4 yd goal line carry to the outside with a dive to the pylon where he just out ran the edge at the line of scrimmage. KC played to the outside of the box with screens, end arounds, outside zones with Hunt and Hill early in the game where NE’s DEs were literally getting pancaked and just took advantage of their speed to catch the edge and get downfield. After Hightower came out due to his knee, KC started running inside a bit more.

Gillmore and Butler did well in coverage but KC basically schemed them out of the game. It should be interesting to watch them play the Chargers and their quick edge rushers in week 3.

so basically you are saying he is talented, in a good system, VS a bad D? well i can agree with all of that. and im ok with his production being all wanky because of it. because if he was a good running back in a good system, and didnt do well against a bad D… well then he is just a bad RB. so in this situation, even though you will NOT be able to rely on this kind of production year round, i am completely happy with getting some gimme points. i would have been much more upset about him failing on these gimmies.

Totally agree, it would be upsetting to see failure on a layup, but I don’t think anyone expected this to be a layup against last year’s SB champs, and last year’s #3 Run D that only made upgrades in the secondary against an unproven rookie that didn’t even know he was starting until 2 weeks ago.

I’m more surprised at how bad NE D looked and how well Andy Reid took advantage of it than how well Hunt performed if that makes sense.

Yeah they just disnt look good. And i can’t tell if it’s smith picking it up and feeling the pressure of mahomes, Andy Reid’s gameplan, kareem making them respect the run, or their D coordinator just choking real hard. Honestly, I do think it was a mixture of everything. It kind of feels like with kareem in there, it changes the whole offense. Sure stack the box, we will just send hill deep. Cover 6 to try and stop thst and the run? How about kelce and Conley intermediate routes. Oh you want to do pass defense? Have a steady dose of a runner with excellent balance. Now as a chiefs fan, the hope is to see much much more of this.

I was very high on him to (I talked him up on several forums here), but a biiiig chunk of that production came on a busted coverage where a DL for some reason was the coverman and a 58 yard run where he really didn’t have to do anything other than run. He still had 110 yards and 2 TDs above and beyond that, so that’s a small but pick. He’s definitely talented, is in a great scheme for RBs, and the usage was fantastic, but let’s pump the breaks just a bit.

What I saw when going back ober the game after thr excitement was this: He didn’t look super fast (one example being that he got caught from behind on his longest run, though the safety did have a slight angle, which helps), and didn’t make great cuts (to be fair, he didn’t need to), but he has good vision, enough burst to hit the hole and get the edge, more power than I’d expect from a back his size, a pretty nasty looking stiff arm, and excellent balance. He’s going to be a good player, but it’s not unlikely that this is the best fantasy output of his career.

I agree with everything you just said. Because he isnt fast. Never has been never will be. This very well is the peak of his career. But that’s ok. Because I do agree with everything else you said. Grest vision, ungodly balance, good power, and an ungodly stiff arm that stopped a 280 pound man in his tracks. What i meant when I said I wanted to see more of this, was the balanced attack of air and ground. Becaise all of those skill sets that he possesses are perfect for a chain moving back. My guess for his average fantasy production is 80 yards rushing, 4 receptions for 30 yards. That’s a 15 point back (in ppr) that is steady production, even without a guess on how many tds. With no tds at all that’s 240 points. That is a back I can get behind and be excited about. So I don’t really care if this is his peak performance stats wise. Because I am banking on him being a steady producer, who just happened to have a kick ass game.