Kareem for Crabtree & Freeman

So I´m pretty much set for the playoffs.

I´ve wanted to trade Kareem for a couple of weeks, I´m not feeling comfortable with his usage and his numbers have been declining for the past 5 or 6 weeks. I am extremely weak on RB´s having only Kareem, Collins & Gore. On the WR side of things I´m doing pretty well, Green, Funchess, Parker, Ted Ginn & Sanu.

What do you guys think of the trade? Keeping in mind that I´m getting ready for playoffs and my current team situation.

Thanks guys!

I think it’s great. Freeman is a great buy low candidate and I don’t think is far off from Hunt ROS. Crabtree is obvioulsy more than a throw in piece, he’s a WR that should start almost weekly. Good trade

I was thinking the exact same thing. Can´t really see Kareem being awesome consistently. Thanks!