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Kareem Hunt ADP


Where would you be willing to take Hunt in a 0.5 PPR? What do you think is his realistic upside?


i think he goes wherenware was tbh, west isnt a threat and hes in a run first offense


he’s going early


I ended up grabbing him at 3.09 in a 12 team .5 ppr I felt I reached a little but his situation is pretty great right now and I took Beckham + Jordy to start


That’s right! I did the same thing, 10 teams, Odell, Jordy, Hilton, Hunt at 4.1. Don’t feel great about it but it is what it is.


3/4 turn is where he is going now. I lucked and got him sat morning in the 11th rd when it came out that it was only a sprain. Steal for me but you won’t get him for that now.


I think the person who said where Ware was being picked hit it dead on. My draft is next weekend and it’s a Dynasty draft. All the mocks I ran in the last 2 weeks prior to injury had me getting Cook or Mixon at 4 and Hunt at 16, my feeling is that this is now a pipe dream. :slightly_frowning_face:


He’s going to go earlier than Ware was. They were depressing each other’s ADP. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him in the early-mid 3rd.


recent drafts show this is correct. unless you draft in KC, you will get him around the 3 4 turn, maybe late 4th.


I drafted last night and took him at the 3-4 turn.