Kareem Hunt and Emanuel Sanders for Le’Veon Bell and Alshon Jeffery

With a 3-1 record is it giving up too much to make the trade. He offered me this trade with Mike Evans instead of Sanders but I wouldn’t even consider that.
WR-Mike Evans, Emanuel Sanders, Doug Baldwin and Kenny Golladay
RB- Kareem Hunt, Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis

I personally wouldnt take the trade. It seems like you have a good team right now. Jeffery is most likely going to miss some more games due to his frequent injuries (Sucks bc i also have him). Bell wont be back until week 7 and its really unknown whether or not he’ll want to go all out and risk his body for a team he doesnt like.

pretty risky with your lack of rb depth. i’m not sure you can afford doing this unless you have some other way of replacing Hunt until Week 7 or 8 or whenever he said. and then you’re also just praying he actually plays this season. if he doesn’t you’re in a pretty bad spot…