Kareem Hunt Auction Keeper Trade

sitting at an unfortunate 1-6, I got this offer for Kareem Hunt. Would you take it.

Hunt with a keeper price of 33 next year

C McCaffrey (34)
DeShaun Watson (10)
and 15 draft dollars at next years auction

Full disclosure I have never done an auction draft so keep that in mind here. I’m assuming you guys start with $200 for the auction? I think that is standard? If that is the case I would probably take this trade and here is why…

  1. While Kareem Hunt has obviously carved himself a role in this team, lets not forget that Spencer Ware will be back next year (assuming he isn’t a FA in the NFL which I don’t think he is). So he should eat into his time.
  2. More than likely next year will be the passing of the torch at the QB position, meaning Mahomes will be behind center. Leading to way more stacked boxes as the rookie QB I doubt will be as productive as Watson therefore teams will challenge the run.
  3. Hunt really hasn’t been THAT great the last four weeks. The dude started off electric and I think that is what most people still think. In non-ppr he has had 14,13,11, and 12 which I get is solid, but it’s hardly the production people still talk him up at.

If getting $15 is valuable, which I’m assuming it is, I would probably take this. Getting a serviceable RB in CMC who will probably have a bigger role next year, a stud QB for only $10, and have $15 extra money to go after Bell or DJ next year, combined with you sitting at 1-6 most likely not making the playoffs, I think this is a decent trade for you. But shoot, try and get $20 and call it a day.

yeah, 200 budget. and 15 is valuable cuz its extra and it comes off of his $$.

I think im gonna do it.

thanks for the response