Kareem Hunt - do I drop someone for Ware now?

Hey fellow Ballers

Have an oddball situation here from the recent Kareem news… I’m in an 8 man 2 flex no kicker league with an insane lineupe. Drew Brees, Tod Gurley, Kareem Hunt, Michael Thomas, James Conner, Joe Mixon, Sony Michel, Austin Eckler, T.y. Hilton, Amari Coopoer, Larry Fitzgerald, Golden tate… I realize it’s hard to complain about anything, but in lieu of the recent Kareem Hunt news I’m not sure what to do with my RB situation.

We have a 5 max RB limit. Given the news the obvious thing to do would be pickup spencer ware in case anything changes. But do I drop Eckler for him? I spent the last of my faab on eckler this last waiver round to mainly ensure that my opponents couldn’t have him (all 18), which was 1 than my main rival could spend - thanks ballers for always reminding people to keep tabs on that. But do we even know if hunt will be suspended this season? or would it only be possible for next? If I don’t pickup ware now, he’s for sure gonna get stached - if I drop eckler, he’s for sure going to get picked up.

Thanks again!

I would certainly try and change the rules for next year, because 5 is way to low for a max rb limit, in fact there never should be a max. Running backs go down so easily, and you should build your bench however you want. That being said, I would pick up ware in this very specific situation. I expect Ekeler to be the better hold generally. But when you are that stacked at running back, you would never ever use Ekeler, even with Hunt out it would be unlikely. Ware allows you to lock up that cheifs backfield.