Kareem Hunt dynasty value help

Hey footclan it’s been tough to value Kareem Hunt lately for dynasty purposes, so I’d like to see what you guys think. Is Kareem Hunt worth more or less than the 2019 1.04 rookie pick?

I’d hold him. That’s what I’m doing. I believe he’ll sign with a team in the offseason but probably be suspended at least half the year.

He’s a hold for me unless someone overpays.

I’m holding Hunt in Dynasty but depends on your situation I mean you might miss out this year because he’ll probably be suspended for a large chunk of it, but he is young and should get another opportunity somewhere right or wrong due to his talent level. It’s a confusing tough situation, but I’m hoping he bounces back or I can leverage a trade once he signs on somewhere

if you apply opportunity cost to your thinking, that pick would be worth more than hunt as long as it pans out. Hunt may be the next ray rice and just never grabbed again. Let someone else take that risk on

I disagree. Ray Rice was near the end of his career anyway and his last season he averaged 3 yards per carry. Some would agree that Hunt hasn’t even peaked yet.

NFL is a forgiving league, as long as you don’t kneel.

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1000% Rice was washed up an old RB who’s best days were behind him. You mean to tell me a guy who led the league in rushing as a rookie and looked even better as a second year guy isn’t gonna get another shot?

Sure he won’t be on a prolific offense and might move down to a low end RB1/RB2 if he gets a shot depending on the situation, but I agree he hasn’t peaked and he will get another shot somewhere just depends who wants to deal with the PR headache for 2 weeks then it goes away and no one remembers once he starts producing again. It happens time and time again in sports talent outweighs and if you can play and help a team doesn’t matter how big of a scum bag in real life you are

lol i guess a hip injury to a running back that he played through 15 out of 16 games doesnt matter huh? ray rice would have been going into his 7th year in the league when the video came out of him dropping his fiance. you should check out his entire stat sheet and not just the rushing yards. he caught the ball very well as well. a legit 3 down back. He would be still playing right now if he wasnt blackballed from the league.

7 years of high volume wore him out. Ray Rice the player wasn’t worth the media and fan backlash.

again i guess a hip injury that he played through the entire year doesnt factor into the equation at all. the YEAR BEFORE rice had 1621 yards from scrimmage, and the year before that he had 2068. Kareem hunt had 1782 last year and had 1202 this year (average that out to 109.27 per game project that over 16 games and hes at 1748 for this year). add in the fact that hunt will miss more games than zeke did (my thinking is itll be a full year) and now youve got a guy that hasnt played competitive football in almost 2 years. you think he is more valuable than a rookie pick? obviously suspension plays into it but if he misses 10 games, you get a guy who hasnt played football in a full year. he wont be the same player.

I think the 1.04 is interesting for Hunt for sure, if this is a real offer i’d be interested to know who else they have on their team as i’d like a player back as well maybe 1.04 plus and you give Hunt plus a lesser round pick.

I think he is a sell for the right price and i think the time to sell is before the off season hits, because as this develops further the value will go down in my mind and there is a strong likelihood he misses a year at least and may not be signed by anyone either until after the year is served so while the situation is very murky with 6 games to a whole season being mentioned as the ban i’d use that to dump the risk to be honest.