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Kareem Hunt for Lev Bell?


So I have Hunt and was offered Bell straight up. My head says I should do this, but I’m loving Kareem. Hunt has the better playoff matchups and Bell’s injury history makes me nervous. What do you guys think?


Andy reid is awesome at getting his RBs hurt throughout the season.
Ware, West, Charles…
plus are u really banking on hunt keeping up this performance for long ?


I’m also a Hunt owner and offered for Bell straight up week 1 and was flat no (understandably).
I think If someone is offering Bell and is looking at Hunt like “I need That” then there’s a chance you can get another smaller piece to the puzzle but depends on the rest of your team. Id probably counter and see of he’d give you an upgrade in another position.

Also Hunts been ridiculous but mostly fun to watch, cheer on and support. That’s part of the enjoyment for me.


Bell is not exactly invencible…Keep Kareem…He is young and getting large chunks of yard after contact/making people miss. Hunt is basically a more physically inclined Bell.