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Kareem hunt for Mike Evans?


I’ve been offered Mike Evans for Kareem Hunt… my other RB’s include Jay Ajayi, Marshawn Lynch, Jonathan Stewart. My other WR’s include Jordy Nelson, Keenan Allen, Emmanuel Sanders. Although I’m a huge Chiefs fan, and super excited about Hunt, should I make the move? TIA


Why not? Seems way in you’re favor.


Gaurentees production over potential production. We have not seen hunt at this level yet. In a ppr, I expect hunt to get close to the rb1 category, but I don’t know that. What i do know is evans will be there. But, on the other side of it, without hunt you are super weak at rb. Stewart and lynch are both redzone guys on their prospective teams. So the team does bad, they do bad. They are great spot starts but I wouldn’t trust either one full time. Where by getting evans, you are basically upgrading your flex spot. Because Keenan Allen has top 12 potential too if he stays healthy. Its a coin flip in the end for me. Either way you get weaker and stronger. So coin flip goes to scarcity. Keep hunt in the rb scarce world we live in. We don’t see many featured backs anymore, and big red already named him the feature guy.


Yes. Without hesitation and especially with Ajayi & Lynch. Evans going first round in all drafts, essentially without fail and will (barring injury) finish easily as a top 10 WR imo, probably as high as top 3. But I’m a Bucs fan and biased on that. Regardless I would do this all day and wouldn’t look back.