Kareem Hunt for Zek Elliot?

Trade Kareem Hunt for Zek Elliot? I am currently 7-1.

I would have him send the offer and wait for newd about the zeke hearing. If zeke gets to play this season you accept it on the spot. Then again he may not do this so… Maybe just wait and see what happens with zeke. This would be a huge gamble for you.

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Zeke vastly better than Hunt. Though if he gets suspended 6 games it could hurt you.

Now you are 7-1. If Zeke does get suspended you will get him back for the last two games of the year which if you’re in the final that will be huge.

Imo I think Zeke plays all year. It’s still a gamble for you but with you being 7-1 it’s not too risky