Kareem Hunt haters, where you at?

Ever since the off-season, I’ve had to sit here defend this dude who is an elite talent and a top shelf WORKHORSE 3-down RB against haters. Has been since last year. The hate was unreal despite him coming out as the leagues leading rusher and accumulating 1800+ yards from scrim as a rookie last season.

In the offseason, had to hear people constantly complain about how he had like 4-5 bad games last year as if that isn’t the case for anyone not named Gurley. Even Kamara/Zeke have shown limitations this year. It happens to everyone.

Then all off season and early few weeks, people talking about how replacement level RB Spencer Ware was going to significantly eat into his carries cause of how “talented” Ware was and how Hunt was only good cause ware was injured. Laughable.

And then when that didn’t play out, it was more complaining about how he wasn’t involved enough in the offense and pass game, despite playing over 75% of the teams snaps and dominating the carries at 80%+ and getting all of the goal line carries and still providing a decent floor of 15 points with the exception of 1 week.

Now we’re almost half the season in, and Hunt is a top 6 RB and picking things up right where he left off last year. Anything else people want to complain about about him? Or are we simply going to come to terms and accept reality? Hunt is a stud. Just live the repercussions of fading him for the wrong reasons.

Long live Kareem Hunt.


Kareem is one of my favorite backs in the league. In the league in which i have him, i got him number 8 overall and was laughed at for taking him over Fournette, odell, and some other big name players going around there. literally people laughing and telling me hes going to bust etc.

People just get so ingrained in what they “believe” is the norm. guy killed it the beginning of last season and the minute he has 1 stinker or average game everyone wanted to jump ship. same thing going on with guys like Kamara right now.

these guys arnt going to put up 200 yds and 2 or 3 touchdowns every game. that isnt “normal” in fantasy football. unless your name is Todd Gurley apparently.

all in all. happy i have hunt on one roster and wish i had him in other leagues as well.

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I drafted him last year when everyone was sleeping on him…he and Kamara helped me to my first championship on my first year in the league, would have drafted him again but couldn’t pass up on M. Gordon. They are finally using him as he should be!

Was anyone really questioning hunts talent and skill as a player? I feel like people were concerned with spending such a high pick for a player who was just phased out of an offense some games last year with some questionable play calling.

When people make statements suggesting that somehow spencer ware would compete with Hunt for volume, I’d say that’s questioning his talent and skill given Ware is just literally, some other guy. Also, there were definitely people on top of that who said he wasn’t a good talent. So you had a bit of both.

Also, even in a couple of those games he supposedly got “phased out”, he was still getting like 17 carries for like 70-80 yards. He just wasn’t exploding for 30 points so people got mad about it. Just weird how when Zeke has a couple of those games, he doesn’t get nearly the amount of the hate as hunt did.

Very glad I drafted him and refused to tilt. Was even offered Zeke and refused when Hunt got off to poor start. The guy that offered, the guy leading our league right now, confirmed I had made a smart move long term, that he wishes he would’ve drafted him over Zeke. Having Hunt and Barkley is like a dream come true right now.

I see what your saying I didnt here much of that spencer ware is for sure just another back with no real skill imo, and yea thats a good point i feel the draft position and hype for the zee was different compared to hunt who was this breakout player so some people may give him more thought, exactly comparable to kamara. Im sure even theilen will get same treatment and by that i mean he won’t be top 5 wr off the board next year.

I was offered hunt for hyde and fuller a few weeks back and then agreed but he went back on his word once i offered the trade you can say I was a little mad lol

For now, I’m done doubting Thielen. He made some great contested catches this season in tight coverage, and in the red zone none the less which was one of my major concerns for him going into this season.

If he continues to do what he’s been doing, he will be in my top 5 WRs next season for sure barring a major change for the Vikings.

Same with me, he has for sure proven himself with this impressive span of 100+ games but general fantasy players will favor big names likely pushing him out of top 5. Where would you rank him right now? i may say 3 behind brown and julio

That’s interesting, I’m glad to see someone else give JJ the respect he deserves. In my eyes, he is the best WR in the NFL from a talent perspective. I have different rankings in terms of what I think of guys in real life vs what I think of them in fantasy. In terms of real NFL, as in who I would want on my team right now if I was constructing a championship roster, my WR rankings are as follows:

JJ > OBJ > Nuk > MT > AB > Hill > Thielen

In terms of fantasy for ROS, I rank as:

AB > Nuk > MT > OBJ > Thielen > Hill > JJ

I may be the only OBJ believer left, but it’s a hill I’m happy to die on. And in terms of real world talent, JJ is the best to me. If you gave JJ the target volume that guys like OBJ/AB get, he would put up video game numbers. Which he did in the one season he did see that much volume.

Personally I think the most talented in the league is hopkins he’s just been trouble with awful qb play and even last year finished 1 in standard leagues, now if he was in a better situation he would be insane. Julio is still insane but he’s allergic to the end zone needs to fix that

Oops I totally forgot about Nuk in my rankings above. Not sure how I did that. In terms of real football talent, he is in there right before MT at #3 for me. In terms of fantasy, he is #2 right before MT. Sorry about that.

Not in terms of what you said, I would disagree there a bit. I love Nuk, have him in like half my teams. He is a phenomenal talent. But I don’t think he is better than JJ. JJ runs every route in the route tree, has sprinter speed, and freakish athleticism. By his natural gifts, JJ can just do more. Hopkins doesn’t have the speed to go and burn guys in double triple coverage so defenses don’t actually have to account for that threat. He also isn’t the best route runner. Lot of his separation comes from how physical he is, which, as you would guess, also the reason why he leads the league in offensive PI every season.

From a fantasy perspective, he’s been an absolute beast but because he gets so much volume, really the only one comparable to AB. And last year, he finished as the #1 receiver in standard and in half ppr but that was also cause AB missed 2 games. If AB played any 1 of those games, he would have been #1.

Also, not sure if you know this, but bad QB play is one of the reasons why he’s such a monster fantasy WR. Did you know that Hopkins actually scores more PPG without Watson than with him? It kind of makes sense because bad QBs typically just lock into their #1 guy and feed them with targets whereas good QBs actually spread the ball around to the open receiver. It was the same thing with Larry last year once Carson was out.

And lastly, how good do you actually think Ryan is? I think Ryan is a slightly above average QB. Not elite by any means. And I think part of the reason why people think he’s good, is cause JJ has been carrying him since joining the league. The way I see it is, there are WRs who make the QB, and then there are QBs who make the WR and the best QB/WR combos of all time lie somewhere in between. OBJ/JJ are 2 guys who I think made the QB and not vice versa. JJ isn’t good in the redzone because honestly, Ryan isn’t good in the red zone. If you watch Matt ryan throw passes in the redzone when he throws to JJ, they’re typically impossible catches to make. Over half of them are sailing out of bounds and throw aways. I’m shocked that JJ can even put his hands on them half the time. I’m not saying JJ is an elite producer in the red zone but I don’t think he’s nearly as bad as the stats reflect.

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Yea i get what your saying but there is a limit to how bad a qb could be and whether or not its a plus or not. I say for the most part and in most cases you want your qb1 out there, yea i wouldn’t say ryan is elite and I’m not even saying deshaun is so great either just last year nuk was dealing with not only a backup but multiple and it just didn’t affect his numbers which was insane. For instance you have odell who is struggling with eli and id rather have eli than half the people nuke has had throwing to him over the years. Julio is a monster end of discussion lol

Bro, I was with you up until this part. Eli is the WOAT. OBJ is struggling purely because of Eli. And i wouldn’t even say he’s struggling, he’s making the best of what he has. ELi is currently the worse QB in the league and I don’t even think it’s close.

I’m from Toledo and went to all his rocket games, I knew he was special but I would have never guessed how truly awesome he is. No one has take him down

Also so geeked about lions this year, Golladay will be a late first round or early second round pick next year

Now there’s a crazy take.

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That’s a little bit of an overreaction. I’d put money on it that you can think of at least 24 guys you would take before Kenny G in a redraft just off the top of your head with no research.

It’s called a prediction Steve so by next years draft I’m predicting that he will be in the top 20 category of any position so no I can’t think of 24 others before him in my prediction which could be a ring but wanted let you guys know you herd it first