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Kareem Hunt- kamara & Hyde trade


I was offered what seems a too good to be true trade.
Carlos Hyde
Alvin Kamara
Kareem Hunt

What do you guys think?


You take a trade that gives you Kareem Hunt EVERY SINGLE TIME


Thats overstating a bit, but you take this trade for sure.


Do this now


Who are other RBS


Speaking of Kareem Hunt, I have him, considering proposing Hunt for Fournette and Freeman. A. Would you do this and B. Do you think they would accept this?


My other RB are
A. Jones


I might be in the minority here, but…IDK…I think I’d be pretty surprised if they went for it. Hunt is incredible…but they would be giving up TWO pretty great players for ONE. AND…both Fournette and Freeman have some pretty decent match-ups coming up. Especially Freeman. Again…I might be wrong…just my thoughts.


That’s what I was thinking. I might send out the offer just to see if he would go for it but it would provide me some serious depth if he went for it but a lot of people in my league hold onto their players like gold and are very hesitant to trade at all


Yeah…I know what you’re saying about hesitant team-owners. But hey…like you said…all they can say is no. It’s worth a shot. Good Luck Buddy. Two hots for one is always more insurance in case of injury.


Thanks man and you’re right, good luck to you as well. Also side question I was thinking of offering Kamara and Julio for Antonio Brown and Ty Mont… you think that’s worth it to even propose? Or should I hold onto Julio and ride out his potential? Lol


WOW…that’s a tough one. On one hand…it’s kind of hard to imagine anybody wanting to turn loose of AB for less than a handful of gold, BUT…on the other hand, I’ve been wondering how much longer he’s gonna be able to keep traversing that YELLOW BRICK ROAD in PIT not-stop before starting to hit those “road-blocks”. (kind of like Brady recently) On the other hand…he is AB!!!
Again…all you can do is try, but…maybe at least there’s some food for thought.
WOW…I’ll be watching for the outcome here. LOL…You REALLY got me curious how THIS one turns out!!!


I would do that :+1:


Sorry pharojr. Didn’t mean to negate your original post here. Yeah…I think I’d prob have to go with everybody else. Hyde and Kamara are pretty hot right now, and you’d be giving up two big pt makers, but…as long as Hunt stays healthy, he’s got the better schedule going forward.


Haha my man! I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it goes. Fortunately that team owner is pretty active and willing to trade I just may need to sweeten the deal and I think ty mont will be fine when he comes back from the broken ribs. The difference between AB and Julio isn’t huuuge but since Julio hasn’t gone off just yet it looks much larger than really. But god forbid (knock on wood) I make it to the playoffs and championship again this year, Julio has one of the best schedules weeks 14-16, same with mike Evans and fortunately I got both lol. And yeah man sorry about taking over your post but helpful input indeed


SMH in amazement. You got Evans too!!! You’re sitting pretty good my friend. To be honest, I’m almost thinking you should just sit tight as well. Learned from experience long ago that getting that “itchy” finger on the TRADE, DROP, WW button very often comes back to “poke you in the eye” and you never re-cover in time to save your season!!! At this point I would have to suggest to “not rock the boat” and just go with it for now.


I doubt someone is deep enough to give up two top tier RBs for Hunt who can only regress from here. I also have Hunt and wouldn’t think of dealing him since he is essentially two players in one. Who are your other RBs?


TY Cozyyyyy. Glad to know someone agreed with me. This is a LOT of “player” production he’s talking about here and it always helps to know you’re not alone in your thought processes.


Honestly man it’s a 10 team league standard scoring and I have done my fair share of trading this year to bring the team together. I unfortunately have caught some really tough breaks with the schedule this year at 2-2 and staring 2-3 in the face based off the game last night. My roster sits as follows:

QB- Russell wilson, Wentz, Luck
RB- Hunt, Lev bell, Mike Gillislee, Alvin Kamara
WR- Julio, Mike Evans, Baldwin, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham
D/ST- Vikings, Jags
K- M. Bryant

I could actually use some advice as I’m staring 2-3 in the face… do I stay put or should I continue to try to wheel and deal? I’ve made 4 trades thus far and unfortunately each week I’ve played either the highest scorer or 2nd highest scorer in my league. Ahh it’s hard out here with arguably the best roster I’ve ever had


I think you just answered your own question!!! Sit with it for now. If it ain’t broke…don’t mess with it til it is or starts chugging!!! When one goes to “over-analyzing” over one off-week…they usually end up slapping their own face. My suggestion would be…STOP…don’t try to change anything at this point. LET IT RIDE and see what happens from here. STANDARD is a whole different world from PPR…BUT…either way…WHEN YOU’RE DOING GOOD…DO…NOT…MESS …WITH…IT!!! Let it ride til it won’t ride. THEN YOU FIX IT!!!