Kareem Hunt keeper value?

Hey guys, I in a 12 team 1/2 PPR start up and its a 4 keeper league. Pretty standard, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex W/R/T. I know early rankings are putting Hunt in Dynasty rankings at about 69 overall and in standard non keeper rankings hes around 125. Knowing that he is top 10 maybe top 5 RB potential but only sitting on a 1 year contract what round would you draft him? The fan in me wants to take him second or third, but I feel like there’s still too much guaranteed talent to pass up on. I should also mention that I have the 3rd overall pick.

Thoughts? What round would you take him in a 4 keeper? (keepers resent on the forth year, but we get to keep 1 player))

Please help.

I wouldn’t keep him. He’s serving an 8 week suspension and is in a time share where he isn’t the RB1 on the roster. The only possibility would be if Chubb was to get hurt for a length of time and Hunt performed very well during that stint. I wouldn’t be surprised if CLE didn’t even resign him after this season. Chubb is more dynamic but we don’t know if he is that workhorse RB. Still, I don’t see Hunt coming in and getting 20 carries a game.

If you don’t have any other player worth keeping and there isn’t a keeper penalty then you could keep him on the off chance Chubb gets hurt or he gets picked up by some other team next season with a RB1 opportunity.

I would see if you could trade him. He has value but Chubb is going to be the guy in Cleveland.

Sorry for any confusion and I agree with you. My biggest concern is that 1 year contract. Then what. But this is a new league and it we will get to have 4 keepers at the end of the 2019 season. I am wondering if I draft him, what round should I draft him. 3rd round(seems crazy), 5th round(a bit risky since he will only play half the season, but could be a good Flex heading onto the fantasy playoffs, or 10th round which could turn into a massive steal if he gets signed in a place like Buffalo, Houston, Tampa Bay or Jacksonville where they could use some RB depth or if nothing else a young RB with top 10 potential again.

New league. I don’t have him, but i am wondering what round is a good time to take him since we know what his ceiling is. On the other hand, we don’t know if he can stay out of trouble enough to stay in the league. After all, he did end up in the city where the drama all began.

That is true. Cleveland could trade him at the deadline. But its pretty much a 2 year deal he is a RFA next year so its up in the air if he does go anywhere else. The unknown makes it tough to draft early

Is there a keeper penalty? I wouldn’t take him any earlier than the 10th. And I’d only take him in the 10th if I heard whispers of him getting a good amount of touches in CLE or word of him being traded. After the 10th I’d pick him up on the off chance of a Chubb injury or a team taking him in the offseason. I’d rather fill my bench with rookies or guys with a big upside (Ridley/Boyd of last year as example).