Kareem Hunt not in on 3rd down?!?

Why the hell doesn’t Kansas City utilize hunt on 3rd downs. They were destroying people and now that they pull him out on 3rd down they have struggled to finish games. I get he needs a break every so often but half the time you see him trot off the field puzzled. As a hunt owner in 2 leagues I am just confused and can see he is under utilized

I traded him on Wednesday for Ingram anddd Julio. He’s always gonna get around 100 years but inside 20’hes never in. Which means TDs will only come on huge plays. I’ve seen it for 5 weeks that’s why I traded him.


That’s a good trade!

Oh wow! That’s a great trade!

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That’s an interesting question and as a Hunt owner too, I’ve pondered trading him.

Who would you guys target for potential trade options if you had Hunt?

Ingram and Jones is a steal!