Kareem Hunt on waivers

Hunt was dropped onto waivers, should I take a flyer on him in hopes he gets picked up and taken off commish list?

No, that’s where he should be unless this is dynasty

It was announced today by Shefty that the suspension will most likely be worse than the required 6 games per league sources. No way he plays this season even if he is claimed.

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So he wasn’t claimed on waivers, and is now a free agent.
Does that definately mean he can’t play this year?

He 100% wont be playing this year, he’s unsigned and will be exempt if he does. With no clarity on how long a ban could be, there is a second incident as well reported too I’ve heard i would imagine a 8 game ban at worse next year and that’s if anyone signs him.

He could worst case get a full year ban for next season, a lifetime ban would be the extreme result but it all depends on what the investigation brings and how frankly knowing the league how much of a PR boost it needs could impact this, if face needs to be saved over this or something else don’t be surprised to see them use this as a good PR move. That being said it’s unlikely and Hunt should only be on rosters in multi keeper leagues or dynasty leagues, droppable in redraft formats


Thanks dude. I’ll drop him so. Heavily hearted. Goodnight sweet Prince Kareem!

Good move. Not sure I’d give him the sweet prince reference/title given his transgressions though provoked or not…

Goodnight Mean Prince so maybe!

That’ll work :slight_smile: